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(8 week course, with Sat. retreat included)

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  • PEOPLE DISCERN THEIR GOD-GIVEN CALLS AND MISSIONS IN LIFE:  This unusual 8-week course is for people who are more serious about deepening their spiritual journey and discerning God�s plan for their lives, what God is calling them to be and to do at this point in their lives.  There are very few in-depth group processes available for laity that help them discern their God-given calls � this course does just that.  Through small group sharing, meditation exercises, and interactive Bible studies on the different �call� passages of the prophets and Jesus, participants embark on a journey that gives them clarity about what God has built them to do, what their God-given purposes in life are, and what gifts and spiritual fire they have within themselves to serve God and make a contribution in the world.

  • SPIRITUAL PASSION PROFILE:  Participants identify the different ways that the energizing fire of God�s spirit rises up in them and calls them into purposeful action or ministry.  Using the primary discernment tool of this course, the �Spiritual Passion Profile,� they explore each week another angle on how God speaks to them and nudges them through their experiences of purposeful action, awakenings to God, sorrows, gifts, compassion, and ideals and dreams.

  • HELPFUL IN-DEPTH READING:  A unique aspect of this course are four significant articles which participants read and discuss, helping them understand the meaning of God�s calls in their daily lives, the dynamics of call discernment, and the spirituality of hearing and responding to God�s calls.  The articles are entitled, �Learning God�s Language of Call,� �No Preparation Needed for God�s Call,� �Awakening Our Passion to Minister,� and �Sabbath Resting in God.�

  • ACTIVATE SPIRITUAL GROWTH:  Each session of HEARING GOD�S CALL is designed as a �mini-retreat� experience, creating deep trust and sharing among the participants.  There are altar building exercises, case studies, and ministry support groups in which people encourage one another to take next steps.  Like all LEP curricula, this course engages people�s hearts and senses, is ecumenical and inclusive, and creates common ground because of its emphasis on mutual empowerment principles, sensitive listening to others, and learning from one another.

  • LEADERS ARE DEVELOPED:  This course is co-led by a leadership team from your congregation, equipped for this task through a laity empowerment leadership training process (a regional training event, or self-directed training process in the Leader�s Manual).  Over time Laity Empowerment Project courses develop a core of capable, uniquely trained lay leaders.

  • STRENGTHEN LAITY EMPOWERMENT IN YOUR CONGREGATION:  HEARING GOD�S CALL is designed as a sequel to the start-up course UNWRAPPING OUR GIFTS.  However, attendance of UNWRAPPING is not a requirement for participants of HEARING GOD�S CALL.

  • WRITTEN MATERIALS:  The thorough and user-friendly 300 page �Leader�s Manual�  has 8 well-crafted sessions, making even the most tenuous leaders effective and spiritually empowered.  In addition, the Leader�s Manual contains helpful articles, publicity materials, and a 4-session self-directed training process to equip new leadership teams in recruiting and group facilitation. The 70-page �Participant Workbook�  provides each participant with worksheets, review exercises, and brief homework for each session.

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