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Course Curricula


(8 week start-up course, with Sat. retreat included)

Course Description | Sample Session | Getting Started

Participants explore how they are ministers of God in their home, workplace, church and world. Through imaginative Bible studies, supportive discussion, and gift discernment exercises, participants unwrap their God-given gifts, build in-depth community, and learn to live out daily life Christianity.



(8 week course, with Sat. retreat included)

Course Description | Sample Session | Getting Started

This sequel to "Unwrapping Our Gifts" helps people find their spiritual focus in everyday life and work. Participants explore the weekday challenges of living by their core values, practicing a "ministry of presence," loving difficult people, building healthy relationships, standing up for the truth, creating change, making peace, living with joy, and being witnesses of Christ.


(8 week course, with Sat. retreat included)

Course Description | Getting Started

Sample Article (.pdf) | Sample Session (.pdf)

This unusual 8-week course is for people who are serious about discerning God’s plan for their lives, what God is calling them to be and to do at this point in their lives. Through Bible studies on the different “call” passages of the prophets, small group sharing, in-depth articles, meditation exercises, and completion of a “spiritual passion profile,” participants discern their own God-given calls - what God has built them to do, what their God-given purposes in life are, what gifts and spiritual fire they have within themselves to serve God and make a contribution in the world.


(Small Group Leaders Training curriculum for the local church)

Course Description | Sample Article | Getting Started

Activate Bible study, relationship-building, faith-sharing, and invitational evangelism in your church by training your lay leaders to gather and facilitate small groups of all kinds. A team of Small Group Coaches AND a core of potential Small Group Leaders are equipped (at your church or a regional event) to establish an ongoing Small Group Program in your church.

(4 week short course)

Course Description | Sample Session | Getting Started

This short curriculum (four 60 minute sessions) introduces your newcomers to laity empowerment, Christian basics, your church, and your denomination. Through interactive Bible studies, altar displays, faith sharing, and gift and ministry discernment, your newcomers will be established on a spiritual cutting edge which in time will transform your entire church!

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