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and Ministries of the Laity

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"The best program I've used in my entire ministry. I've used some powerful stuff, Bethel Series, Logos, but I've never had such a reaction as from the 18 involved in UNWRAPPING."

... Rev. Terry Four, Maryland Pastor

  • Activates the Gifts and Ministries of the Laity

  • Connects Christianity to Everyday Life

  • Gets People Talking about their Faith

  • Builds Caring Fellowship; Heals Divisions

  • People Learn to Empower Each Other

  • Develops New Leaders and Leadership Teams

Five Unique Course Curricula:

The Laity Empowerment Project offers 5 different courses to your church that are team-led by your own church leaders.

  1. Unwrapping Our Gifts
    (8 week start-up course, with Sat. retreat included)

  2. Unleashing Our Weekday Ministries
    (8 week course, with Sat. retreat included)

  3. Hearing God's Call
    (8 week course, with Sat. retreat included)

  4. Newcomers Class
    (4 week short course)

  5. Small Group Program
    (Small Group Leaders Training curriculum for the local church)

Special Course Features:

  • Interactive Bible Studies

  • Group Gift Discernment Exercises

  • Listening Skills, Guided Moments of Prayer

  • Built-In Saturday Retreat

  • Envisioning Process for Church Revitalization

  • Well-Crafted Leader's Manuals; Participant Workbooks

  • Ecumenical; Inclusive Language

Local Church Leaders Trained to lead LEP Courses
(either of two ways):

  • Regional LEP Training Events in your area, or

  • Self-directed Leadership Training Process in Leader's Manual

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